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Schema Markup for SEO: Upgrade Your Easy Access to Search Engines

What is SEO? Also called as search engine optimization, SEO is used especially on your online market strategy where in your goal in order to gain a lot of audience and visitors towards your web site is to be at the top search page results. It is known to affect the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine results page or SERP. For every click of the visitor, both the webmaster and the online marketer earn a payment efficiently. There are a variety of search engines for optimization of your web sites. However, SEO will...

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How HostGator Coupon Codes Can Help Your Internet Marketing Business

When you decide to start an Internet marketing business, the first and most important thing that you’ll need is a good website hosting service. If you want to try Internet marketing, you have to find a good web hosting plan first. As a newbie Internet marketer, you need a website hosting service. An aspiring Internet marketer must be backed up by an effective web hosting service. As a newbie Internet marketer, your first priority should be to look for a website hosting company. If you’re about to launch an Internet marketing business, the first task at hand is to...

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CNet’s top Five Worst Technology Products of all time

In response to CNet’s Top Ten Terrible Tech Products, here I’m listing what I consider to be the five worst technology products of all time. 5: The Digital Blue Video Camera These horrible, stupid, newbie-ish cameras are so hated that I can’t even find any pictures on the Internet. They’re cheap, tacky, made of blue plastic, look like a gun so you’d get shot if you used one in London, and are generally only used by schools who can’t afford a proper camera with a screen and tape. The worst problem, however, was with the terrible, Flash-based, n00b-interfaced software....

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